The Band:

Lead Vocals - “Flex” - Felix Rivera

Known as “Flex” for his vocal range and winning personality,
Felix R. is the voice of the Engine Room. Born and bred in Da Bronx,
Felix began singing as a boy in acapella groups.
He often performed on Belmont Avenue,
the cradle of this musical style and the inspiration for Dion’s vocal group
the Belmonts. Felix is also a big fan of fellow New Yorker Billy Joel.
He has been inspired by Joel’s music  since hearing Travelin’ Prayer,
and Felix has been covering Joels songs ever since. 
As a musician, Felix has a talent for quickly picking up on the groove
of new material. It must be that Latin blood, as he also adds percussion
to many of the Engine Room’s tunes.


Drums and Percussion – Dick McManus

Drummer Dick Mc provides the rock steady pulse of the Engine Room.
Dick has played in a variety of settings including jazz groups
and big bands during his career behind the kit.
Dick brings superb feel and timing to the band but most importantly,
a sense of dynamics that is often hard to find.
His love of playing to a live crowd adds energy to the groups performances. 
Dick also plays blues harmonica and a variety of power tools.


Keyboards - Jack the Ripper – Jack Roberts

Known as the “Ripper” for reasons best left unsaid,
Jack is a Berklee College of Music trained trombone player
and a self taught keyboardist/synthesist,
who has been dabbling over a keyboard for the last 15 years. 
Jack has performed in many ensembles including: big bands,
stage orchestras, Dixieland bands, and rock bands (brief gig with the Temptations).
Jack loves just about every type of music.
He feels very fortunate to be pursuing this medium
with a band called Long Island Sound and of course The Engine Room. 
He finds great pleasure playing, composing, and tweaking sounds on a synthesizer.

Guitars and Vocals - Lumber Jack  - Larry Sorensen




Lumberjack Larry is the of the “Axe Slingers” of the Engine Room. He describes himself as 
a self-taught "guitar hacker" but audiences know better and are blown away by his blistering
fretwork. Larry h
as been playing guitar since in his early twenties.  He lists his major influences
as "Classic Rock" - Tom Petty, Aerosmith, and Kiss but says he loves all kinds of "real music".

Lead Guitar and Vocals - Big Joe - Joe Skrabl

Joe brings smoking lead guitar and vocal talents to The Engine Room. Joe has been honing his skills on the guitar since his teens and has played in many bands over the years. He is skilled in a variety of musical styles. In addition taste and talent, Joe adds a great sense of humor to the chemistry in The Engine Room.


Kris is the Bass of the Engine Room. He brings innovative playing to the band with his 5 String and Fretless Axes!  Fairly new to the band, but already a permanent fixture.
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